Plans for this weekend

I know. I’m behind on this thing.


This weekend.  I need help deciding what to do.  I can either drive up to Akron (Ohio) or stay in town.  Here are the things I would be doing in both places:
If I stay home in Baltimore…

  • Go to see Dylan Bundy pitch in Wilmington on Friday
  • Go to Nats game Saturday to see Chipper plus a Dierks Bentley postgame concert
  • Relax before next big O’s home stand
  • Go to Phillies game Monday for Cliff Lee bobblehead

If I go to Akron…

  • See my grandmother and aunt
  • Aeros/Baysox game Thursday night and see Zach Britton pitch
  • Indians games Friday and Sunday, including an MLB Network drawstring bag plus a Carlos Baerga bobblehead
  • Lake County Captains game Saturday night is possible (Low-A ball)

Let me add this: I am able to go up to Ohio in a few weeks as well to see family, so that’s not what this trip is about.  This is baseball and hobby focused.  So vote based on the events, not just that I’m seeing family.

And as I’m typing this, I came to see option C:

  • go to Akron Wednesday, be with family Wednesday night and Thursday daytime
  • Aeros game Thursday night to see Zach Britton pitch
  • Drive back Friday and pursue all events on option A

While option C includes no Indians games, it does give me some family time and a minor league game.  Though no Indians bobblehead included, and that’s what I’d really like.

And I have to consider that a trip to Akron means gas money, money for tickets, food, and random other stuff.  Plan B only needs money for a few cheap game tickets.

Or I could splurge and randomly decide to fly down to Tampa for the O’s series…


I have no idea what to do!


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