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Random Orioles Magic (2)

The O’s signed Armando Galarraga.  And Ronnie Paulino.  And Pat Neshek.  Among others.  All to minor league deals with invitations to Spring Training.  To which pitchers and catchers report in the next three weeks.

There’s my reporting nonsense for now.  Back to the randomness, though.

I don’t know what game this was or anything, but here’s a screenshot I had randomly saved on my computer of a home run from last season landing in the seats:

That man in the purple shirt on the steps reaching forward for a basket catch is the infamous Matt (not Matt G, totally different people, gosh).  The guy up the steps a bit in a Brooks shirt with his glove closed just looking on is Segev.  These people are talked about on my old WHO’S WHO post from last April.  (UPDATE: Segev is not on that post. I’m a slacker).  They’re good people.

Just thought I’d share.

Oh, and feel free to check out my recent interview with new Orioles infielder Matt Antonelli (who can be found on Twitter @mattantonelli9 and is always talking with fans and very approachable, so definitely give him a follow and check out his blog and youtube channel and whatnot.

More interviews coming up for sure.  Along with new features on this blog.  Only time will tell. (Huh??)

Oh, and I’m still mad that MLBlogs took down my post about Spitgate with Jose Valverde. You know what I’m talking about.  They know what I’m talking about.  So may be taking this blog elsewhere unless they reach out to me to discuss why it was removed.  Not really sure why, and not right that it was taken off when this is a blog…not a newspaper reporting facts.  Let alone it was all factual from my view and nothing stated that wasn’t true.  Okay, rant over.