2012 season is coming soooooooooooo soon.

The season begins this week and I’m going to be honest…I haven’t “fallen behind” on my blogging…I’ve simply been way too busy to blog.  Props to Erik Jabs on his daily blog posts, and some other MLBlogs that have been keeping up with it this offseason.  I probably won’t make Top 100 this season like I did all of last year because detailed posts are going to be very hard to come by.  This summer I will not only be taking on a schedule where I will try to squeeze 100+ games in (MLB+MiLB), but also working full time as a server at my local BWW and doing writing for Baltimore Sports Report.

I have been managing the Stevenson University baseball team where I am currently at school, mainly because it was too late for me to join the team by the time I transferred, so I may as well be paid to travel with the team now, right?  Next season will be a whole other story.

I am now on Team iPhone, so feel free to always tweet at me @AviMiller621 (for baseball) or @2131andBeyond (for random shenanigans) and I’ll always be tweeting along.  Tweeting to me is like a basic version of blogging.  I can put basic notes of my experiences on there, now easier with pictures and all, without having to spend time on the computer editing down photos and whatnot.

Speaking of, still waiting for a response from MLBlogs as to why there is a photo limit to the blogs.  If they don’t expand it for free, this blog will become quite dull with picture-less additions, especially when MLBlogs doesn’t share revenue with its top writers, so it’s not like I could use the money I make from here (which is equivalent to $0.00) to upgrade the system.


Working on my full season schedule, but will end up taking it month by month mostly, except for out of state trips which will be planned a bit more in advance.

Look for a post later today about my planning of the 2012 season!


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