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Woah. I can blog from this WordPress app on my new iPhone. Too bad I hate typing on this thing…


Win a Pair of Washington Capitals Tickets!

I know the Capitals don’t play baseball and this is a baseball blog.  So what.

I have a pair of Capitals tickets for the game being played on Sunday, March 11 against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Verizon Center that I cannot do prior to my commitment to baseball (member of D3 baseball, more on that some other time).  The tickets retail for $140 for the pair, but they’re yours at no cost in this fun little contest.

No need to answer some crazy trivia question or dedicate hours to drawing a portrait of your favorite baseball player.  All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me absolutely anything, and you’re automatically entered.

My orange hockey puck will pick the winner next week.

Questions? Tweet at me. @2131andBeyond. Boom.

Orioles outlook for 2012…in 140 characters or less

While blogs and writing all over the internet allow basically an unlimited word count, Twitter limits people to 140 characters or less in every single message that they send out.

So…after asking many people across the Twitterverse to give me their outlook on the Orioles 2012 season in 140 characters or less, I got some interesting responses:

Orioles Fans:

@beatlefnatic: I’d love to see a .500 season, but my concern is to see the pitching shored up. I’m finding myself becoming more cynical this year.

@MagicOn33rd: Hate to say it, but cellar dwellers again. the Cartoon bird is here and Orioles magic is coming, but not this year. we need pitching.

@B_MoreFanatic: I’m not expecting greatness from the Orioles in 2012. Only for our young players to take that next step and then another. No regressions.

@onshortrest: Orioles 2012 Outlook: Last place in AL East; close to 100 losses; brisk sales of Brown Paper Bag caps. #OriolesTragic

@ProtectThisYard: Hope. Every year. I’m a glass-half full guy. 1st place? No. But I’m hopeful that we’re competitive. Win or Lose, Rain or shine. I’ll support

@MattCLund: The key for the Orioles this season is if the young pitchers can improve and make the progress needed to compete in the AL East.

@JoePappa: The O’s are like golf. You’re not fantastic but you’ll have that 1 round that will surprise you. 2012 is that round for the O’s.

@JoePappa (again…13 hours later): (Another thought…) We’ve got superstars that haven’t shown their full potential. It’s only a matter of time before the show begins.

@marylandgirlie:  Will be interesting with all the international signings. I have a feeling that the wins will be up. I am still worried about pitching though

@SportsNickelTim:  Everything has gotten worse. A lot of player must prove themselves. Hardly 60 W’s.

@margeemateo:  M positive when it comes 2 my team. Although we kindda don’t have d depth, i am hopeful we’d be going 2 July & Sept in decent standings. =)

@mattmgardner:  This will be a losing season. But Duquette seems to be less clueless than MacPhail, so maybe there is hope for the Orioles in this century.

@MasonFanatic:  O’s can finish .500 if a) 2 pitchers not named Guthrie throw 190+ IP b) 2B not a platoon c) Reimold & Davis (or other CI) have breakout year

@MasonFanatic (side note): [I don’t expect more than 1 of those 3 to happen, so 93 losses here we come]

@ESHJjaksClayton:  A lot like the movie Major League but without all the winning. Matusz will improve. 5th in the AL East, trade deadline could be fun.

@kt1000:  Orioles 2012: Wake me when it’s over.

@connorguercio:  No playoffs, but 3rd/4th place is possible. Hardy/Markakis/Wieters/Jones Allstars, B-Rob all year, Wada/Chen standout, Reynolds mosts HRs

Orioles fans that failed to follow the whole “140 characters or less” guideline:

@d_flo3r: If our pitching staff and hitting with risp improves then the O’s with probably win 10-15 more games this year, otherwise I think everything will pretty much stay the same wins/stats wise.

@simplyaustin31: The Os ended 2011 on a high note by taking out the pink hat nation, I feel like the Orioles added a lot of international depth that could surprise a lot of people with Chen, Wada… Orioles signed many of veteran players that could bounce back with Ronny Paulino, Pat Neshek, Matt Antonelli, Wilson Betemit. Orioles rotation and bullpen will be the question entering the 2012 season.. Will the young pitching staff step up and startp pitching to their calibar

Orioles fans that lived in the MLB Fan Cave last year:

@rwags614: It will be another rough year wins wise, but O’s fans can look forward to watching the young pitching continue to develop.

Non-Orioles fans:

@Dave_Gershman: Unless things somehow go in the O’s favor they have a chance to trade for some talent in July. The farm also needs to progress like lastyear

@ZK065:  They’ll go as far as their SP will. Offense looks good, wouldn’t be surprised to see them add a DH bat. 75-78 wins is optimistic but doable.

@observebaseball:  Slightly pessimistic. Everyone, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, realizes that last offseason was far better as far as additions

@MadSports8: They’ll be better than the A’s. Brooks Robinson for president.

As we can tell by all of these responses, nobody really expects the Orioles to be too good in 2012.  Though there is some optimism in terms of growing toward the future, 2012 looks to be another building year if these baseball fans are right.

But hey…I can still love me some Orioles baseball.

And by the way, I recommend following all of the tweeps quoted above.  All good people.  Well, maybe not @MadSports8, but we can still show the west coast some respect anyways.

Bring Koji Back to Baltimore!

The Rangers are shopping Koji Uehara.  The Cardinals are shopping Kyle McClellan.  The Orioles are window shopping.  As for Roy Oswalt…who knows.

Who would you rather have?

I say Koji.

Why?  Because he has had success in Baltimore, he would get along with the new Asian pitchers, and let’s face it, his sideburns rock.

Nothing against McClellan, but Koji belongs here.

Orioles Fanfest (10 days later)

Fanfest was only 10 days ago, and last year I documented it extremely in depth HERE on the blog.

Well, this year is different.  The only camera I currently own is an SLR that I only bring to special events/games and is customized which makes it difficult for others to use without a bunch of explaining.  As in, it’s too annoying to lug around to photograph events that I’m also trying to be a part of, and getting pictures with players and stuff doesn’t work well since it would involve showing somebody how to use the camera and all.

The point to all of that?  Here’s one of the few pictures I have from Fanfest:

I have a few more, but all were taken either at the MASN booth or the Orioles free photo set up.  Otherwise, none taken on my phone or anything.  I’ll have to find the other ones I was in throughout the day and post them, but that’s definitely my favorite so far.  Brian Matusz was quite the happy man when talking to people, and took time to really greet every single person in line.  Cool dude.

Will have a “Random Orioles Magic” post up later today as well.  Posted my FIRST ONE a few days ago, and they will get bigger and better as time goes on.  As for a brief description of what they are…well…just totally random really.


Random Orioles Magic (2)

The O’s signed Armando Galarraga.  And Ronnie Paulino.  And Pat Neshek.  Among others.  All to minor league deals with invitations to Spring Training.  To which pitchers and catchers report in the next three weeks.

There’s my reporting nonsense for now.  Back to the randomness, though.

I don’t know what game this was or anything, but here’s a screenshot I had randomly saved on my computer of a home run from last season landing in the seats:

That man in the purple shirt on the steps reaching forward for a basket catch is the infamous Matt (not Matt G, totally different people, gosh).  The guy up the steps a bit in a Brooks shirt with his glove closed just looking on is Segev.  These people are talked about on my old WHO’S WHO post from last April.  (UPDATE: Segev is not on that post. I’m a slacker).  They’re good people.

Just thought I’d share.

Oh, and feel free to check out my recent interview with new Orioles infielder Matt Antonelli (who can be found on Twitter @mattantonelli9 and is always talking with fans and very approachable, so definitely give him a follow and check out his blog and youtube channel and whatnot.

More interviews coming up for sure.  Along with new features on this blog.  Only time will tell. (Huh??)

Oh, and I’m still mad that MLBlogs took down my post about Spitgate with Jose Valverde. You know what I’m talking about.  They know what I’m talking about.  So may be taking this blog elsewhere unless they reach out to me to discuss why it was removed.  Not really sure why, and not right that it was taken off when this is a blog…not a newspaper reporting facts.  Let alone it was all factual from my view and nothing stated that wasn’t true.  Okay, rant over.

Random Orioles Magic (1)

I have a lot of catching up on here to do.  We know that.  On days like today where I can’t commit to a long blog post but still want to get something up to get the blood flowing and the readers reading, I’m going to put up a random picture or two.  Could be from last season.  The offseason.  No season at all.  Who knows.  My desktop is soooooo cluttered right now with random stuff I’ve saved and taken screenshots of, and I am the worst at organizing files on my computer, so it will literally be a mashup of tons of different stuff.

For today, I give you a funny side by side shot of my good Orioles friends, Matt and Zevi.  Both pictures taken at Orioles games last year, at random [unexpected] times:

Well there you go.  And man, am I glad to finally get that off of my desktop.