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Orioles vs. Rays 5/9/11 (Longoria HR on the fly)

Just a note: for some reasons that I
rather not share publicly and all, I was in the hospital ER on Friday afternoon
well into the night (5/6).  Therefore, I
obviously did not go to the game on Friday night.  With finals work also piling up on me for
school, the next week or two of entries will be delayed a bit.  But, working on getting better and moving on.


So this game.  Saturday. 
It was a 1 o clock game because it was on FOX and FOX likes messing up
everybody’s schedules.  After only a few
hours of sleep, I still rushed down to the park for the game, thinking there
would be BP.  I was coming from my house,
so I had to stop by my apartment for my glove and drop off my computer, so I
showed up at the park in a rush in jeans and a random brown Adidas shirt.  Matt and a few others even realized I looked
different.  Besides the whole no sleep
thing, they saw me in jeans and not an orange shirt, two things that I have
never had at a game before.  Ever.  You’ll understand later more why I’m
mentioning the clothes.


So I got to the gates about 3 minutes
before opening.  I was supposed to be
buying Todd Cook and his son tickets
for the game, but due to the last minute complications, I could not make it in
time, so I contacted Todd and Matt, and Matt was able to hook him up.  This is what connections/friends are for.


Once inside, I had to take it easy on
myself still.  I got a Derrek Lee ball quickly
that he hit down the line and I picked up in the corner, followed soon after by
a Mark Reynolds HR on the fly in the aisle of 82/84.  Here’s a map:


Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 5.19.24 PM.png


So the lower red dot is the Lee ball, the
higher one is Reynolds.  Yes, there’s a
star there.  Hold on.


Matt, Zevi, and I found seats on the
aisle between sections 80 and 82.  Todd
and Tim joined us for most of the game there as well.  It was a beautiful day for baseball, and
after spending most of Rays BP and then pregame down time in the shade (I
needed to rest, so it meant missing out on some baseballs, but it was needed
for my health), here we were with a great spot in LF:


Oriole Park Left Field 5711


Notice the open seats in front of
us.  They became important.


Here’s another view:


Oriole Park Left Field 5711 2


In the top of the 3rd, with 2
men on and 2 out, up steps Evan Longoria to the plate.  Longoria has been on the DL for most of April
(was put there during the opening series vs. the O’s in Tampa).  And BAM, Longoria hit a shot to deep
left.  As opposed to a few weeks ago when
I ran down the steps too quickly and overplayed an Alex Rodriguez grand slam, I
took these steps very slowly.  With a lot
of room around, as seen above, I played the ball perfectly, and BAM, I caught
Evan Longoria’s 3 run home run, his first shot of the season, first RBIs of the
season, and 83rd career blast.


Matt was right behind me in case I
misplayed it, as you can see in the
, but I was in the perfect spot for it.  Now why did I mention the clothes?  Of course, if you watch, there I am, on
national TV, catching a HR in random street clothes.  Way to represent as an Orioles fan, Avi.


No, I did not throw the Longoria ball
back.  I got lots of heckles to do so,
but of course I just sat down and ignored them. 
People were telling me I wasn’t a real fan, Miss Kelly even came down
the steps and had to shush a fan who was pointing and screaming at me non-stop
for being a horrible person.


Here are some screen shots of the HR
catch (taken by @RobEffinBrown for


Here’s the snag as it happened:




And zoomed in (with Matt right behind and
Zevi is there like 2 steps up in the orange):




Then here I am once I have the ball and
Matt is congratulating me on it:




And zoomed in:




And here’s the ball itself:


Evan Longoria Home Run 5711


Soon after, I got a text from Todd Cook
asking if Matt had caught the ball.  I
told him no, I did.  Then, I got lots of
tweets and texts of people asking about it. 
It was exhilarating, and definitely a positive part to my day after a
really bad day before.  Although it meant
the Orioles went down 4-0, so I didn’t celebrate it publicly at all.


Todd and Tim came over to sit with us
soon after, as well as Nats fan and all around baseball fan Michael Jasser, who
I had never met before but who follows the blog.  Was great to meet Michael and good to talk
with him for the rest of the game as he sat with us in LF for the remainder of
the afternoon.


Oh, here’s Super-Jew Sam Fuld:


Thumbnail image for Sam Fuld Oriole Park 5711


Tim Cook had brought a toy with him from
an Indians game that he had gotten of the mustard hot dog that runs in the hot
dog race in Cleveland, and as I was taking photos, he told me to take pictures
of the toy:




Matt had talked with Brandon Guyer the
day before (the day Guyer hit his first
ever HR on his first ever AB
), so he told Matt to come by the dugout after
the game.  Around the 8th
inning, Matt, Zevi, and I relocated to the Rays dugout:




Where after the game, Guyer gave Matt his
batting gloves.  I attempted to get
Longoria to sign the ball, but he didn’t. 
I knew I could try again tomorrow, though.


Oh, and Guyer was optioned the next day.


Good stuff.




Pictured there are 2 balls (one on left
is the Reynolds HR, right is the game HR from Longo, gave away the Lee ball),
my ticket, and a kids Orioles mag I found on the way out.



Season stats (somehow, a ball got lost in translation
here, not sure where, but it’s either 39 or 40):


Baseballs: 39 (28
hit, 11 on fly, 8 toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4
(Scherzer, Guerrero, Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games
attended: 14

Orioles total games
attended: 14

Total MLB games
attended: 14

Total baseball
games attended (MLB+MiLB): 14

Rainouts: 2




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Orioles vs. Red Sox 4/27/11+4/28/11

People STILL are coming here looking for the post on the
Jose Valverde spitting incident.  Here. Here it is.


Sorry for the delay, folks. 
Finals week[s] here at school, so been bogged down with more work than
one could imagine (yes, I’m a classic procrastinator).


Last week, I was at the entire 3 game Red Sox series.  I posted then about the Tuesday game when I was
on the field for BP.  I got 0 baseballs
that day, but it was still fantastic. 
Check out more on that entry here
(some good pictures, if I may say so myself).


So without getting a baseball at the game before, I got back
at it today.  And fast.


I would add the seating chart with ball locations, but they
are all clumped together so it would be hard to direct to which is which.  But here they are by description:


Ball 1 was tossed to me by an usher named Al.  He works the sections in LF next to Miss
Kelly (who works 82-86).  He’s a cool
dude.  If you’re out in the LF lower box
area, be nice to him.  Always says hey to
me every day.


Ball 2 was a horrible call on my part, but still got
it.  Headed my way about 10 rows into
section 82 (2 over from bullpen) and I reach my glove out for it and it blows
by into the seat and I picked it up from the seat.  I remember this happening and all of us
laughing about it.  I still have no idea
what happened, but the best reason we could come up with is allergies acting up
and my eyes were all watery (according to like 3 people) but who knows.


Ball 3 started the streak of balls that bounced away from
Ben and right into my direction.  If you
don’t know who Ben is, refer back to my new glossary of people that I put up last week or so.  It was a Robert Andino pulled down the
line.  Ben was a full section closer, but
also 8 or so rows farther down.  As he
got closer to it, it took a bounce and went right towards me and I barehanded
it off some other guy’s glove.


Ball 4 was a ball that Reynolds hit to the top of section
80, and Ben ran up completely to get it, but it took a bounce off the wall of
the aisle, then hit a chair, right to me like 4 rows down a section over.  No joke. 
And Ben was pissed (no worries, folks, he still had 5 on the day).  I would have been, too, if I were him.


Ball 5 was a Jake Fox HR, his last on the day
coincidentally, that landed somewhere and I got it.  I don’t remember it, I just have that written
down on my phone that it was his last on the day and I caught it just not on
the fly.


Ball 6 a Dustin Pedroia home run hit towards the beginning
of Red Sox BP that I got somewhere around section 82 I know.  Don’t remember how, but I know it also was
not on the fly.  Just going off my basic
notes from a week ago here, people.


Okay, fine.  Here’s
the ball chart.  Though I didn’t label
each individually, but when I put them on, I did roughly estimate where each
one was to the best of my knowledge, so have fun trying to match them all up:




So there, I had 6 balls on the day, none on the fly with my
crappy vision.  My record for a single
game, by the way, was 6.  People are
always surprised by that since most ballhawks have their days of double digits
and such.


Well, I spent the rest of the day being just close to
baseballs, but never reaching number 7. 
We had some troubles getting Mark Connor to toss us one of the 5 or so
lying in the O’s bullpen, but whatever.


I ended with 6.


Baseballs glove oriole park


There are 7 pictured there. 
It includes my one spare I always have on me (in case I get none and
want to a) give one away or b) get one signed). 
I just didn’t feel like going through my notes to figure out which was
the odd ball out.


Josh Beckett was on the mound for the Red Sox, meaning it
was going to be a looonnnggg night.


Josh Beckett warmup Oriole Park 42711


Stayed in LF with people. 
Don’t remember who was there besides the usuals (Matt, Ben, Tim).


Spent the last 3 innings or so between the flag court, CF
seats, and going for foul balls.  Here
were some of my different views as I positioned myself all around based on the


Oriole Park View 1 42711

Oriole Park View 2 42711






Season stats:


Baseballs: 33 (22
hit, 7 on fly, 8 toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4
(Scherzer, Guerrero, Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games
attended: 12

Orioles total games
attended: 12

Total MLB games
attended: 12

Total baseball
games attended (MLB+MiLB): 12

Rainouts: 2




Then there was Wednesday’s (4/28) game.


I got three Orioles BP home runs,
including two from Mark Reynolds, one of which was on the fly.  I don’t remember where around, I just know I
got them.  And all of my baseballs have
gotten jumbled up lately, so I don’t know which to photograph to show you.  You’ll just have to believe me.  If you don’t, well… I don’t really care.  I know what I did.


For Red Sox BP, I went over to the flag
court when the group came up including Carl Crawford and Big Papi.  Tim and Ben were also over there, so I had
some solid competition.  Papi hit a blast
that I caught on the fly about 5 feet behind where I was standing and 10 feet
in front of Ben.  I guess he laid off, or
didn’t see it, or something.  But I
jumped a bit back and caught it uncontested.


Mission accomplished.  I had gone over to the flag court for two BP
sections now in my LIFE.  This time, and
the one time against the Twins.  Both
times, my goal was to get a ball on the fly from the ultimate mashers from
those two teams: Jim Thome and David Ortiz.




This night was interesting.  I ran back and forth between LF and the flag
court for the first 5 innings or so based on who was hitting.  It was a RHP for the O’s, so the Red Sox were
STACKED lefty.  Then from innings 6 and
on, I spent time in the flag court or CF seats for lefties and then moved down
the 1B side playing for foul balls for righties.


I got nothing.  But hey, it was fun trying it for the night,
the whole running around playing the odds for a game ball thing.


Here’s a picture I got earlier in the
game of the scene:


Oriole Park Left Field 42811


That’s Tim’s head on the bottom.


Looking at my camera, that is THE only
picture I took at the game.


So yeah. 
But I’m writing this on Saturday night, 5/7.  I have been to a game since, and will write
about that one soon, which has MANY more pictures and a bit of exciting news.  Stay tuned.

Orioles game tomorrow will be exciting for one reason: Fundraiser.  I wrote about it way back in this post, and it’s finally happening tomorrow. Zevi and I sold tickets to tomorrow’s game to support The Red Devils, and we hope it’s a big success.

Well… peace.


Season stats:


Baseballs: 37 (26
hit, 9 on fly, 8 toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4
(Scherzer, Guerrero, Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games
attended: 13

Orioles total games
attended: 13

Total MLB games
attended: 13

Total baseball
games attended (MLB+MiLB): 13

Rainouts: 2


Oh, and by the way, in case anybody hasn’t seen it yet, here’s the newly released logo for the 2011 World Series:

World Series 2011 MLB logo


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Orioles vs. Red Sox 4/26/11 (On the field madness)

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So this Tuesday game was the first of a 3 game series vs.
the Red Sox.  I was getting out of class
right at 2 when I got some interesting texts on my phone.  Without sharing all of the direct details on
it, here’s a tweet from Adam Jones that explains how the day began:




Then by a half hour later, here was his next tweet:




So yes.  Adam Jones
was leaving me BP passes for the game.  I
didn’t share this info on Saturday’s entry, but during BP at the game that day,
Adam had called me over to talk by the outfield wall (after yelling at me for
dropping a Mark Reynolds home run) to inform me that something along these
lines was going to happen soon.  There’s
more background to all of this, but I won’t bother you with it (plus it’s half
private stuff anyways).


So I called up Zevi immediately (who was biking like an hour
outside of the city) and told him to get downtown.


By 4 o clock or so, I had met him down at Camden Yards.  We went to home plate plaza where the media
enters pre game and picked up our special passes:


Oriole Park Home Plate Plaza 42611



If you notice on the pass, it is attached to a very thin
string.  That damns string got tangled up
all day.  Quite annoying.  But really, no complaints from me.


Otherwise, you can see on the pass that we were guests
(“affiliation”) of Jones.  So an escort
was coming to get us to take us down to the tunnel and onto the field, and we
were getting excited:


Zevi on Oriole Park Field 42611


That’s Zevi, by the way. 
Not me.  I’m not a munchkin.

This is me, doing my best to smile creepily it seems:



Once we got down onto the field, the first thing we saw was the
Orioles pitchers stretching in a circle down the 1B line, some position guys
throwing and stretching, and a bunch of media members scattered all
around.  At this point, it was 4:30, and
we were stoked.


Orioles 42611 1

Orioles 42611 2


Soon after, Adam came out of the dugout, and made his way
over to where we were standing.  He shook
our hands, said hey, and told us “this is the major league experience” then ran
off.  Truly awesome.

Adam Jones Orioles 42611


We were told not to bother players and such unless
approached throughout the day, so we stuck to that.  It was cool enough just to be there.  Honestly. 
Even though Big Papi was standing 10 feet from us for like 10 minutes. 


Big Papi David Ortiz 42611 Orioles


This was the view when BP started at around 4:35:


Orioles Batting Practice 42611 1


Ronnie Deck eventually came out:


Ronnie Deck Stretching Orioles 42611


And came over to talk to us. 
He asked us how we got field access, so I explained, and he laughed and
ran off to help with drills and such.

Ronnie Deck Stretching Orioles 42611 2


More of Orioles BP before the gates had even opened:


Orioles Batting Practice 42611.jpg


The bottom right picture there is Nick Markakis standing up
on a step behind the cage.  He’s a boss.


When the gates opened at 5:00, we watched Tim and Matt (and
eventually Ben, who was nice enough to stop and say hello) sprinting around the
seats [as we usually do] to get out to left field.


Matt Tim Oriole Park 42611.jpg


If you click on that and look at the top left area, you can
see the time on the top edge of the photo showing 5:00 exactly.


The Red Sox came out and stretched:


Red Sox Stretching Oriole Park 42611


Amber Theoharis and Buck Showalter talked for a few minutes
within a few feet of where we were:


Buck Showalter Amber Theoharis 42611


Jake Fox gave me an air fist bump as he came out to
hit.  I had just talked to him during
Saturday’s game about some random stuff, so he was surprised to see me there I
guess.  He has to be one of the most
friendly MLBers around.  Really.  Yell to him or say his name, and he responds.


Then the O’s left the field and the Red Sox started hitting:


Red Sox Batting Practice Oriole Park 42611.jpg


Right before this, J.D. Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury were
playing catch by the Red Sox dugout. 
Ellsbury overthrew a ball to Drew, and it ended up bouncing into the warning
track and off of Zevi’s leg.  As Drew
turned around to see and eventually say sorry, Ellsbury had gotten another ball
and chucked it towards Drew.  Drew turned
back, and it hit him in the shoulder. 
Youkilis and a few others saw this, and we could see them laughing about
it and joking around and retelling the story to other teammates for the next 10
minutes or so.  Was funny stuff right


Brittany, Amanda, and Donna found us soon after.  I took this picture above and behind me,
without turning around.  Good work, Avi.




I mean, we were legit on the field for BP.


Oriole Park on the field 42611


The grounds crew soon came out to pack things up:


Oriole Park Grounds Crew 42611


And we had to leave:


Oriole Park on the field 42611 2


We had seen Matt and the rest of the guys get some baseballs
during BP, but we ended with none. 
Probably could have asked or even taken one or two lying around, but we
were enjoying just being there that nothing else was that important.


Adam actually messaged me during Sox BP saying he hoped we
enjoyed ourselves, and I responded with “we haven’t been kicked out yet!”.  Really cool. 
But we didn’t see him again until of course he took the field for the


Spent the game out in LF with the guys.  Our friend Beverly joined us for this one as
well.  It was the end of Passover, so we
all had Subway (Zevi hadn’t used his ticket to get in, so he left around the 4th
inning and ran to Pratt St. to pick up the food for all of us) sponsored by
Donna.  Thanks again, stretch lady/lot
lady/lady who smokes!


I spent the 3rd or 4th or some inning
down a few rows with new friend and MASN employee Joe Pappasomething.  Cool dude. 
And his bff is Jim Hunter; all the better.


So yeah.  No home runs
that we got, but all is well.  Still an
incredible day.  My first game since
mid-2009 without a baseball.  While that
is a cool streak to have, and one that is now sadly broken, it was TOTALLY
worth it.  And I made up for it big time
yesterday (Wednesday) during BP, but I’ll write about that later.


Again, thank you to Adam Jones for everything.  It was an incredible experience.  It showed me where I want to be in 4 years
(one of the scattered media members) and brought me closer to the Orioles team
which I have devoted so much of my time and money to.  Head up and fight on.  Special mention to Adam’s mother, who has become
a mentor-type figure to me, and who had a big part (I’m sure) in getting us on
the field.  I am excited to see her soon
as well in town!


Oh, and the Orioles won the game, 4-1.  Britton pitched 6 dominant, one run innings,
and the bullpen shut it down.  Jonesy had
two sacrifice flies on the day, as shown here by


Adam Jones Beats Red Sox 42611


And it was fun in the 7th inning (I think, or 6th)
watching Okajima and Albers warm up together. 
The best of both world…for opposing teams.


Matt Albers Hideki Okajima 42611


And a shout out to Matt
, who I forgot to mention earlier in the entry.  We sat with him, too.  And his friend (a Red Sox fan).  It was Matt’s birthday.  Though I kept forgetting it.  Happy birthday again, dude.



Awesome day.  And for the
bazillionth time, thank you to AJ.



Season stats:


Baseballs: 27 (16 hit, 7 on fly, 8
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4 (Scherzer, Guerrero,
Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games attended: 11

Orioles total games attended: 11

Total MLB games attended: 11

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 11

Rainouts: 2



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Orioles vs. Yankees 4/24/11

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So I went to the game on Sunday and met up with Matt
outside, went in for BP, snagged 2 baseballs (though missed 2 or 3, night
before still on my mind).


Zevi and our friend Leah joined me by the end of BP.  We hung out for the day in LF in the hot, hot
sun.  There was a rain delay, the O’s
forced extra innings, it lasted a while, then we ended up losing.

Oriole Park tarp rain 42411


Not much else to say. 
I’m falling behind a bit on the blog with finals coming around in
school, but will be back on it in detail soon enough.


Season stats (including Saturday now):


Baseballs: 27 (16 hit, 7 on fly, 8
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4 (Scherzer, Guerrero,
Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games attended: 10

Orioles total games attended: 10

Total MLB games attended: 10

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 10

Rainouts: 2


Orioles vs. Yankees 4/23/11

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Tonight never happened.






Yes, that’s me in the orange.  Good night.

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Who’s Who at Oriole Park (and in this blog)

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So I figure instead of each time I write a blog entry having
to explain who each individual person is, I would create an overall guide to
the characters of Oriole Park.  Now yes,
there are very often others who join in the fun and will not be on this list,
so they will be referenced separately in the entries, but unless otherwise
noted per entry, the names can be found and explained here.


I will update this list whenever necessary, adding the faces
to names after they appear in multiple entries and I’m most likely annoyed with
having to explain who they are each and every time.


So here goes.


First picture here tells a lot:




1.  Zevi – He’s mentioned a lot.  He follows me around as I rule the baseball
world.  He enjoys stirrups and Hawk
Harrelson, and I think those are the two things that we have in common.


2.  Brittany – Zevi and I met her a few
years back (I think) by the bullpen, where she has season tickets along the
wall there.  She likes horses, the
Beatles, now hockey, and a bunch of other stuff.  Nobody really ever knows what she’s talking


3.  Ronnie – That’s Ronnie Deck.  He’s the Oriole bullpen catcher.  Beast.


4.  Donna – Otherwise known to Oriole Park
as “stretching lady.”  If a player has a
good stretch, it’s a happy day for her.


5.  Amanda – Another bullpen lover.  Keeps lists of… well… everything.


6.  I have no
idea.  Just some random Oriole in the
background.  Can’t tell who, though.


Here’s another one of the group with Adam Jones:




In that picture, see the guy peeking his head out in the


That’s Matt.


Matt H


Matt is a resident Orioles fans now for a bajillion
years.  Besides roaming all Baltimore
thrift stores finding the best deals ever (including a $75 wheelchair), Matt
also is really, really good at the “guess the year” thing between innings on
the jumbotron.

Then we have Romeo:

Romeo S Orioles

Romeo is the definition of a superfan.  If you ever spot his awesome helmet, you probably also saw some really well made posters and banners and apparel to go with it.  Romeo gets the crowd into the game, has a ton of fun with it, and is what you would call a true fan.






This is Tim and Ben. 
Tim on the left, Ben on the right. 
Zevi and I met them last year as they have joined the scene at Camden
Yards as resident ballhawks.  Ben mocks
Tim constantly.  Tim enjoys writing like
me, as he also contributes to Orioles-Nation.  They do some crazy stuff.




Okay, that’s the basics. 
I’ll add more later.  There are a
whole lot more, so if you’re not on here just yet… well, you will be.  I pwomise.

Orioles vs. Yankees 4/22/11 (Rainout)

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Today was rainy down at Oriole Park:


Eutaw Street rain rainy


But I headed down anyways. 
I laughed at how there were 3 gates set to open, yet all the Yankee fans
lined up at one gate so I could wander off and come back and still be in front:


Oriole Park Gates pregame Yankees fans stupid


I walked in and saw this:


Oriole Park tarp rain 42211


And after a few minutes of standing at the O’s dugout
watching a few pitchers talk to Nick Swisher:


Nick Swisher Josh Rupe Jeremy Accardo Jim Johnson 42211

Nick Swisher Josh Rupe Oriole Park 42211


The pitchers went down the 1B line to throw:


Orioles Pitchers warmup 42211


Ronnie was out stretching while they threw (he eventually
threw with Tillman and probably more):


Ronnie Deck Stretching Orioles 42211


And Adam Jones (who tweeted
3 minutes earlier
that he would be coming out to throw) threw out on the
warning track:


Adam Jones Orioles 42211


He then signed for us (though I stood back and watched, don’t
ask for Orioles autographs anymore):


Adam Jones signing 42211


And the baseballs never came.  I talked to Ronnie for a few minutes, which
is all I wanted to do.  A few pitchers
threw balls towards me, but I got other people to catch them.  Wasn’t in my best mood, so didn’t care much
for a baseball at that point.


Then I went up to club level with Brittany (Ms. Hoppity) and
Amanda, where we sat and eventually found out that the game was being


We went to the players lot to stand around and talk
(including Donna now) and I left shortly after.


Be back out there tomorrow.


Season stats:


Baseballs: 23 (12 hit, 5 on fly, 8
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4 (Scherzer, Guerrero,
Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games attended: 8

Orioles total games attended: 8

Total MLB games attended: 8

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 8

Rainouts: 2