Random Orioles Magic (1)

I have a lot of catching up on here to do.  We know that.  On days like today where I can’t commit to a long blog post but still want to get something up to get the blood flowing and the readers reading, I’m going to put up a random picture or two.  Could be from last season.  The offseason.  No season at all.  Who knows.  My desktop is soooooo cluttered right now with random stuff I’ve saved and taken screenshots of, and I am the worst at organizing files on my computer, so it will literally be a mashup of tons of different stuff.

For today, I give you a funny side by side shot of my good Orioles friends, Matt and Zevi.  Both pictures taken at Orioles games last year, at random [unexpected] times:

Well there you go.  And man, am I glad to finally get that off of my desktop.


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