Orioles vs. Royals 5/25/11-5/26/11

This is WAY overdue, and may not be too in-detail, but hell, here it is.

Wednesday, May 25th

4 BP baseballs.

Some autographs from the Royals:

A tribute to Royals old announcer Paul Splittorff:

Sitting behind the opposing dugout again:

Then the outfield a few innings in.

And that was it.  I don’t remember much more, but undoubtedly more happened.

Thursday, May 26th

Weather Day/Field Trip Day at a 12:35 game = hell:

So Donna, myself, and her friend were the only non-Field Trip people there:

I managed 5 baseballs still somehow.

Tossup from Sean O’Sullivan when he warmed up down the line, followed by one from the trainer nearby out of a big pile (I was the only one there asking).

Jeff Francoeur overthrew a ball while warming up and said I could keep it:

Then, Mike Aviles came over to talk to people he knew.  Not only did he sign my ticket:

But I asked for his warmup ball when he finished.  He said sure.  Tom (security guy) heard this, so he knew I was owed a ball.

Well, Wilson Betemit finished throwing, and threw his ball towards my area of people.  It was bobbled by some, and landed on the field.  Tom assumed it was the one promised to me, so he picked it up and handed it over.  I told him how it wasn’t (we laughed) and I handed it off to a girl waving a Royals sign.  Then, Aviles (as promised) put his warmup ball in my glove as he jogged by.

More autographs on back of season ticket (including Joakim Soria, Robinson Tejeda (DFA’d next day), and someone else):

Mission accomplished (I think?).

Spent the game in the left field seats getting fried by the sun with Matt Gardner.  He’s the man to watch baseball with.

Gorgeous day, but it was like 40 bajillion degrees with like 80 bajillion percent humidity.

So of course, when we went up to club level for an inning to get some A/C, Nolan Reimold smacked a HR (his 2nd of the day) literally 2 seats above where I was sitting in an empty area.  God damn.  Click here to see that video and see where it landed.  If you see a kid racing over from a section across then have the ball bounce over his head (white shirt, orange bucket hat), that’s Tim/Ben’s friend Sean.  He was oh so close.

There was a ground rule double later in the game I would have had a chance at, but not thinking it would bounce 15 rows up, I didn’t make the 3 section run to grab it.  It landed in a seat straight away 3 sections over in my row.  Nobody in my way.  Could’ve had it.  Oh well.  Some lady grabbed it.
Now off to the beginning of a 9 game home stand.  Woot.  And yes, I *will* have the Shutdown Sauce poster, so look out for it.

Oh yeah, and go to MLB.com and vote Adam Jones to the All Star Game.  Do it.  Remember two days ago?  Yeah.  SO worth it.


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