Adam Jones doing his best Willie Mays impression

As Nick Markakis made his 1st career start today at first base, Adam Jones made this catch in center field.

WOW. Not to mention he went 3-4 on the day with the go ahead HR in the 8th.  That man likes beating up on the Mariners, and it’s quite amusing.  He is the definition of a boss.  End of story.

And if you’re not already (for some odd reason), follow Adam on Twitter. @SimplyAJ10.

The Orioles managed to scrape the win today, going 1-5 on the road trip, but they come home for some games now that I’ll be at.  So that’s a positive.  Oh yeah, and they might win some of them, too.  Let’s hope for that.

Off day tomorrow.  That is when I will finally post about the final 2 Royals games from last week.  Since I may not remember much, it may just be some notes and pictures.  But hey, pictures are still nice.

Oh yeah, and who wants to buy this hat (photo cred: @OnlyChrisjr29)?


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