Memorial Day – Hats and Soldiers

Happy Memorial Day to all.  I know I’m still behind on the Royals entry from last week still, but it will get done this week. Very busy.

In the mean time, I wanted to throw this post up to remind everybody to not only watch the Orioles today in Seattle at 4, but that they will be wearing the stars and stripes caps:

How ugly.  I mean, I like the concept of different hats for this day and all.  The past ones have been really nice. But this one just looks pretty darn… not good.

Looking back at the past ones since the beginning of this tradition:

So yeah. I think they just ran out of ideas for this year.
Either way.

Bless the soldiers.  Think about them today.  Think about how they fight for you to be able to freely watch baseball on this day.  God bless.





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