Orioles JibJab Video

So MLBlogs recently posted on their community blog about a new JibJab editable video for MLB.  If you’ve never heard of Jib Jab, they make comical political videos, but have expanded to make all sorts of fun creations.

Long story short, I made an Orioles version of this video, so check it out (the embed code for the new blog doesn’t work, so just click the picture to see the video):

In it are Jeremy Guthrie, Adam Jones, Luke Scott, Brian Roberts, and Matt Wieters.

I was also at the last two games of the Royals series, so the blog for that should be up shortly as well.


If you are interested in me making a video whether with different Orioles players or for your team, leave me a comment below or shoot me an e-mail (indiansfan621 at aim dot com) and I will gladly work on any new projects.

P.s. the Orioles are .500, so let’s all celebrate WOOOO!! Only 3 games back.  They got this.

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