Orioles vs. Yankees 5/19/11

This day got off to an interesting start.  After not coming the day earlier, Tim an Ben were here at this game.  Tim texted me around 4:15 saying that the cage was out, surprisingly, after it had been raining on and off all day.

That raining on and off thing happened all night as well.

Walking up to the stadium, there were like 5 of these huge trucks lined up on Camden Street:

I went up to see, and it was horses.  With the Preakness coming up, they had stuff going on for that.  I got to pet a horse.  Woooo.

Sitting at the gates, the rain took turns pouring for 10 minutes, then stopping. And repeat.

When we got in, the Orioles were taking BP.  While we later found out there would be no Yankees BP, at least we were seeing almost a full O’s BP, including Vlad and Markakis and such.

I snagged a HR on the fly from I think Reynolds, and another from Vlad.  That was it.  Ben got like a bajillion as usual.  I’m sure Tim did, too.  Matt got like 5 or so.  Fun times.

Here’s David Robertson and Joba the Hut talking with some O’s pitchers (Jim Johnson, Clay Rapada, Chris Tillman):

All the Yankees did was take some scrappy infield drills:

I went down to the O’s dugout to try for a warmup ball:

As you can see, there were people in front of the dugout, presumable for some award or something.  Then there was first pitch.  And you see grounds crew going to take the tarp off in the photo as well.

Where did I end up?

That’s right, it started pouring, so no Orioles came out to warm up, and I found a seat at the top of the undercover sections.

Then, I decided to go visit Beth on Club Level (she works at the main desk there, they are so so nice).  So after talking with her a bit, I found a nice view from a seat on club level on the 3rd base side:

You can see in the photo above, there are lots of words written on the jumbotron.  Here:

The general message they always put up during rain delays.  That’s all.

The rain finally stopped.  I headed back to the O’s dugout:

Orioles were stretching:

And I got JJ Hardy to toss me his warmup ball (he was throwing with Brandon Snyder):

It was a disappointing ball.  Not rubbed up or anything, as if some random ball from BP. Boo.

The game then happened:

This happened:

Then this happened:

That’s a photo of Eduardo Nunez’ HR post-shot.  Ben caught the ball, marked with the #1 on his shirt. Tim is 2, positioned a few rows up.  3 is my friend Leah who came to visit, 4 is me, then 5+6 is Matt Gardner and his friend Mark (or Marc, who knows).  Fun times.  You can watch the highlight here.  We were all standing around talking then in the 9th inning, and when he hit it, Tim and Ben ran to their rows, and Ben made a clean catch.

Then, Tim put his bag down and got a ball out, tossed it to Ben, who then launched it onto the field.  People were telling him to throw it back, so he did.  Sort of.  We always talk about any home run against a rival, we just throw a different ball back.  Perfectly executed, dudes.

Then the night ended, I headed home to sleep, and here we are.

Time for a weekend series against the Natinals.


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