Who’s Who at Oriole Park (and in this blog)

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So I figure instead of each time I write a blog entry having
to explain who each individual person is, I would create an overall guide to
the characters of Oriole Park.  Now yes,
there are very often others who join in the fun and will not be on this list,
so they will be referenced separately in the entries, but unless otherwise
noted per entry, the names can be found and explained here.


I will update this list whenever necessary, adding the faces
to names after they appear in multiple entries and I’m most likely annoyed with
having to explain who they are each and every time.


So here goes.


First picture here tells a lot:




1.  Zevi – He’s mentioned a lot.  He follows me around as I rule the baseball
world.  He enjoys stirrups and Hawk
Harrelson, and I think those are the two things that we have in common.


2.  Brittany – Zevi and I met her a few
years back (I think) by the bullpen, where she has season tickets along the
wall there.  She likes horses, the
Beatles, now hockey, and a bunch of other stuff.  Nobody really ever knows what she’s talking


3.  Ronnie – That’s Ronnie Deck.  He’s the Oriole bullpen catcher.  Beast.


4.  Donna – Otherwise known to Oriole Park
as “stretching lady.”  If a player has a
good stretch, it’s a happy day for her.


5.  Amanda – Another bullpen lover.  Keeps lists of… well… everything.


6.  I have no
idea.  Just some random Oriole in the
background.  Can’t tell who, though.


Here’s another one of the group with Adam Jones:




In that picture, see the guy peeking his head out in the


That’s Matt.


Matt H


Matt is a resident Orioles fans now for a bajillion
years.  Besides roaming all Baltimore
thrift stores finding the best deals ever (including a $75 wheelchair), Matt
also is really, really good at the “guess the year” thing between innings on
the jumbotron.

Then we have Romeo:

Romeo S Orioles

Romeo is the definition of a superfan.  If you ever spot his awesome helmet, you probably also saw some really well made posters and banners and apparel to go with it.  Romeo gets the crowd into the game, has a ton of fun with it, and is what you would call a true fan.






This is Tim and Ben. 
Tim on the left, Ben on the right. 
Zevi and I met them last year as they have joined the scene at Camden
Yards as resident ballhawks.  Ben mocks
Tim constantly.  Tim enjoys writing like
me, as he also contributes to Orioles-Nation.  They do some crazy stuff.




Okay, that’s the basics. 
I’ll add more later.  There are a
whole lot more, so if you’re not on here just yet… well, you will be.  I pwomise.



  1. Section86

    Hah! I was for sure going to include her, but then I had second thoughts about if it was the best idea to start talking about employees and such.

    -Avi M
    Follow me on Twitter:@2131andBeyond

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