Orioles vs. Yankees 4/22/11 (Rainout)

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Today was rainy down at Oriole Park:


Eutaw Street rain rainy


But I headed down anyways. 
I laughed at how there were 3 gates set to open, yet all the Yankee fans
lined up at one gate so I could wander off and come back and still be in front:


Oriole Park Gates pregame Yankees fans stupid


I walked in and saw this:


Oriole Park tarp rain 42211


And after a few minutes of standing at the O’s dugout
watching a few pitchers talk to Nick Swisher:


Nick Swisher Josh Rupe Jeremy Accardo Jim Johnson 42211

Nick Swisher Josh Rupe Oriole Park 42211


The pitchers went down the 1B line to throw:


Orioles Pitchers warmup 42211


Ronnie was out stretching while they threw (he eventually
threw with Tillman and probably more):


Ronnie Deck Stretching Orioles 42211


And Adam Jones (who tweeted
3 minutes earlier
that he would be coming out to throw) threw out on the
warning track:


Adam Jones Orioles 42211


He then signed for us (though I stood back and watched, don’t
ask for Orioles autographs anymore):


Adam Jones signing 42211


And the baseballs never came.  I talked to Ronnie for a few minutes, which
is all I wanted to do.  A few pitchers
threw balls towards me, but I got other people to catch them.  Wasn’t in my best mood, so didn’t care much
for a baseball at that point.


Then I went up to club level with Brittany (Ms. Hoppity) and
Amanda, where we sat and eventually found out that the game was being


We went to the players lot to stand around and talk
(including Donna now) and I left shortly after.


Be back out there tomorrow.


Season stats:


Baseballs: 23 (12 hit, 5 on fly, 8
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 4 (Scherzer, Guerrero,
Oliver, Pavano)

Orioles home games attended: 8

Orioles total games attended: 8

Total MLB games attended: 8

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 8

Rainouts: 2


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