Oriole Park, Team Shop, Season Tickets. Oh my.

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The title says it all. 
Oriole Park.  Team Shop.  Season Tickets.  Oh my.


This is a three-part entry. 
First section will be about Oriole Park, 2nd will be about
the team shop at OPACY, 3rd will show some pictures of the new
season tickets.


Last time I reported at Oriole Park, it was at Fanfest and
the place was covered in snow.



Between then and now, I have been back at least 8 times or
so, whether passing through, picking up tickets, or going to specifically visit
it.  I knew the weeks leading up to Opening
Day that there would be changes to see, so I wanted to see them firsthand.  So for now, I am just going to go through
what I have seen at Oriole Park over the last few weeks.  The photos are scattered from four different
visits, so if continuity-wise something does not match up, that would be why.


Part 1: Oriole Park
at Camden Yards


One time at the park, I saw an odd site.  A jeep was randomly driving onto Eutaw
Street.  Not like a work vehicle.  Just a random civilian going the wrong way.




Boog’s BBQ stand is being set up.  Or at least the frame.  So are a few of the other stands, but this is
the most notable one.




Workmen were still tearing up different parts of the yard,
presumably to replace parts and make things better.




The orange seats were FINALLY put back in (if you look at
the photo from Fanfest above, you will see that the orange seat is not




There was some photo shoot happening in the Orioles
dugout.  My zoom made this blurry, but I
couldn’t even figure out what was going on really.




Now when I went to Oriole Park just today, Eutaw Street was
closed (looked like construction):




So I made it a point to walk laps around the park to look
for other changes.


If anybody remembers that the food service provider is
different at Oriole Park this year.  It’s
now Delaware something Foods.  The name
is irrelevant.  Point is, I remember
earlier in the off season that they were looking into new foods and such.


So, here are the new look concession stands.







So those look nice.


In my opinion, I think they really brighten the place up a
bit by giving the signs some color and brightness.  Now, those were the ones I saw.  There was also a Boardwalk Fries, which is
old news, and then a few spots where there are no signs up yet as to what the
places will be, so I should have an update on those next week once they are put
up.  I will also try to get a glimpse at the menus/pricing as soon as it goes up.


Some other sights from my day there today.


I could have taken a fryer with me:




Or even walked into the park, but I didn’t want to start
pissing off the workers:




Though at every fence part of the park, there were NO
TRESPASSING signs.  Damn.



They were testing random clips on the Jumbotron.  You can see here one of the logos of the Red
Sox vs. the O’s, a new middle of the inning promo where you text in to say
which Oriole history video clip you want them to play, and lastly… clouds.




Oh, yes.  And Adam
Jones is now the official Orioles icon. 
He has taken over BOTH sides of the back of the scoreboard.




And a few other random sights:






And to transition us to part two of the entry, I will show
you this:




There is a new feature of the shop.  Seems like a little kiosk on Eutaw Street
right outside of the team shop that will be selling the official team
hats.  I guess.  I don’t know. 
It looks quite odd and space consuming. 
And the picture of the two people on the side is quite awkwardly close.



Part 2:  Orioles Team Shop


Now I could show you a few random shots I took of the Oriole
team shop when it was empty and there were signs up saying that it would
re-open in March, but I much prefer showing a few shots I took today in the
store, it’s first day being open. 




The workers were new. 
None of them had heard of Guerrero or Reynolds when I asked.  They had to ask a manager when I asked if
they had either jersey.  The answer was
no, and neither did the Sports Legends Museum shop.  You would think they would want to have all
of the new highly hyped guys supplied in the newly renovated shop.  Guess not.


The only other major change I saw was that the back sales
counter was completely removed, and a second was added in the front.  The bottom left picture shows where the old counter
was in the back of the store, and in the bottom right (cick to make larger),
you can see a more expanded check out area in the front.  Otherwise, the kids stuff is still in that
awkward separate room on the side.  As
for the stuff there.  They definitely
expanded the line of shirts/hats and other apparel, and cut down on the random
trinket and memorabilia around.  I guess,
as of now, they feel like the clothing stuffs sell more.


When I stopped into Sports Legends to see if they had a Vlad
shirt (not that I’m looking to buy, was just curious), I saw these two
hilarious shirts:




In case it’s too dark to see, the left one says “Buck the
past!” and the right one is an Alex Ovechkin jersey shirt that says


Part 3: Season


Season tickets came in last week.  Last year I was a 13 game holder, but after
two straight years of 40+ games, I figured it was worth it to upgrade to the 29
game plan.  Not only are there a few
added benefits like auto day and such, but the tickets come in an epic package.


So the big envelope came, and inside was an EPIC box, which contained everything:




I know I am going to cherish the box.  My account rep said that the boxes have been
a huge hit, which is a good sign.  They
are really awesome.


So in there were some ads:




The Orange Carpet Member card, which gives season ticket
holder a LOT of power for ticket sales and more:




Then the pages of tickets. 
On top was a welcome page with the huge Opening Day ticket, then 7 subsequent
pages of tickets.





And I have a 13 game plan in the mail coming to me, so it should be interesting seeing the differences in the two packages.

So that’s that. 
Opening Day at Oriole Park is two weeks from today.  And I can’t wait.


And as for my random photos of the post.


We have Charlie Sheen’s bracket, which is mainly awesome
because he picked Akron to win it all (though they lost in the first round):



And here we have facepalm madness from the Louisville game when they lost to Morehead State (thank you to



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