Lacrosse Classic and Ronnie Deck Sightings

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This past weekend brought me to watch every type of sporting
event BESIDES baseball.  Yes, I either
attended or watched on TV: Lacrosse, football, hockey, and soccer.


Up first was lacrosse. 
The Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic was held on Saturday for the 5th
straight year in Baltimore.  It is a
collection of three games, always with two high seeded matchups and a local
game.  Instead of naming the teams, I’ll
show the matchups based on the posters they gave out for each team (yes, I took
one of each):


Thumbnail image for Game2.jpgGame3.jpg


So I took the bus down to Federal Hill and met up with Zevi
at M&T Bank Stadium, where we got our tickets and ran inside just in time
for the national anthem (click to see larger):



After that, Syracuse and Georgetown took the field:



And the first game began:



Then we met up with my friend Joel (who goes to Cuse, but happened to be home for his spring break):

During one of the breaks of the game (3 periods, so there
are two breaks of I think 15 minutes), we found a stand set up by the
Chesapeake Bayhawks of MLL (Major League Lacrosse) and got our picture with the
MLL trophy they brought (I’m on the left, Zevi on the right):



In the 3rd period, with Syracuse leading 8-7,
Georgetown scored on a breakaway goal with 5 seconds left, sending the game
into overtime:


Syracuse scored first in the sudden death extra time, which was cause for



And it was onto the next game: Cornell and Virginia.


Virginia won 11-9.  I
cheered for Cornell purely because I did not want to cheer for an ACC team not
named Maryland:



At one point during the game, Cornell shot the ball so hard
(shot? Is that the word they use in lacrosse?) that it ripped through the
net.  I figured now would be a good time
to show the epic green nets:



They had a reason for using them.  I just forget it.


The best part of this entire day, hands down, was the free
snack’n waffles, sponsored by Smuckers:



So that was our lunch. 
Lots and lots of waffles.



So then the local game was next.  Johns Hopkins and UMBC came out to warm up:



And 5 seconds into the game, Hopkins had won the face-off,
charged down the field, and scored:



I figured that this game was already in the books (it was;
Hopkins won 16-5), so I headed home to watch basketball.  Akron was playing Kent State in the MAC Championship.


My Zips won.


They play Notre Dame on Friday in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament.

I figure since this is an MLBlog, I should include something
baseball related in the entry.  Here’s a
screenshot I took of some Pirates prospect taking a lead during the Orioles
game.  I swear; he’s an oompa loompa:


Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.22.18 PM.png

Oh, and here’s a Ronnie Deck sighting:



And you can see Ronnie as well in this video.  From 0:11-0:15, you can see him standing
behind Mark Reynolds.


Final note:



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