Fanfest Plans. Who wants in?

Two more links to plug.  One about the ticket prices going up at Oriole Park and the other concerning the new rumor about the Orioles “inside track” to signing Vladimir Guerrero.

Fanfest is a week from tomorrow morning.  My plans are almost set for the day.

I am finishing moving into my new apartment over the next few days.

Nothing major else to report.  My plans for Fanfest are as follows:

Get to Convention Center around 7-8 AM.  Chill there until opening at 10 AM.  Stay until they kick me out around 6:30 PM.  And LOTS in between.

If you’re going, let me know.  Tweet @ me (@2131andBeyond), comment here, or anything else, really.  Would love to meet up with as many people as I can.  I’ll be the crazy one wearing an Orioles Hawaiian type shirt and Santa hat.

Last story: I put $1.60 in the light rail ticket machine this morning to get to work.  It dispensed a ticket and $1.55 in change.  I win.


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