Update. 2011 Season Plans. Much. Much. More.

What is UP?!

Got lots to share.  Can’t WAIT for the 2011 season.  This post is a kick start to the 2011 blogging season, where I will be sharing not only game by game posts about the best fans and experiences at Oriole Park, but some bits and pieces of insider info on the Orioles and things around baseball.

So.  Here are the notes:

-I still co-run http://Orioles-Nation.com.  Check that site out.  We have a new design, some great articles, a growing staff, and most importantly, growing forums.  Feel free to sign in to those and participate, they should be in full swing by April.

-I also still write for http://BaltimoreSportsReport.com.  So check THAT site out as well.  Great staff there.  Great articles covering all Baltimore area sports, especially your Ravens (blech).  My latest bit on there was an Orioles roster breakdown, so check that out.  I will do a piece sometime before Spring Training starts on here about my thoughts on the O’s roster.

-ORIOLES FANFEST IS SATURDAY, JANUARY 29TH. BE THERE.  Doors open at 11 AM for the general public and 10 AM for season ticket holders (who get first dibs on an autograph session, so it turns out).  Tickets are on sale on the Orioles website.  I will be there in full glory of this Orioles epic shirt and my O’s Santa hat.  While they are charging for autos this year (read more about it here), it should still be a great time.  What the O’s don’t go into detail about are the sales.  There is usually a main area of memorabilia sales, with jerseys, uniform pieces, baseballs, signed stuff, and the best: all of the banners and such from Oriole Park and around the city from the 2010 season.  ALL for cheap. Jerseys (BP) were about $50 last year (all gameworn) with tons of stuff ranging from $10 to probably upwards of triple digits (for signed stuff). And trust me, as a guy who has barely any money and hesitates to spend in the first place, there is a LOT of good stuff there for even myself.

-Season tickets. If you’re gonna be an O’s season ticket holder, get on it.  I’m a 29 game holder, though I plan on about 50-60 home games this coming season.  It’s totally worth it to have.  If you want reasons, I’ll give you lots.  Just hit me up.

-Roadtrips.  Planning on some trips for this season.  So far, in my 3 years as a TRUE fan (not just a Baltimoron who knows the O’s exist), I’ve upped my game each year.  So 2011 brings me to other cities.  Planning on (if all goes well): Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and DC.  No Spring Training this year, mainly because that would cost double what the other trips cost, and frankly, I’m gonna be really busy anyways until the season starts.  But if anybody wants to sponsor me going, I’d be glad to show you how to maneuver around the ballpark down there for the best experience.

-Fundraisers.  2011 brings back another year where we all can help others.  There is Zack Hample’s annual collection (which I am a proud supporter of), Romeo’s SPCA fundraisers (which I will be putting more information up on here very soon about), and soon to come are some fundraisers from me and Zevi (if you don’t know him, well, he’s my partner in crime).  More info to come.

-My status: Many people knew I was at The University of Akron this past Fall.  Well, I’m not anymore.  Had some great experiences there, but the program needs I have were not where they needed to be, so I needed a switch.  I will be at school locally in Baltimore for the upcoming Spring, and have NO idea where I will be in the Fall.  I do some random work for different jobs, and along with the Orioles/sports writing, I am an intern with a Baltimore based magazine as well.  Lots to keep me busy.

-Oriole Park.  I have been down there 4 times since the end of last season, so it’s been fun to see some of the progression of how the new seats have come into place.  They replaced ALL of the seats in the LF lower box, all the upper deck, and all of the club level.  Oh yeah, the Eutaw St. bleachers as well. Total seat count cut by a few thousand, but it will hopefully be worth it.  Will share some pictures soon.  Some fun stuff to see.

-MLS Draft.  Yeah, I went there.  This THURSDAY, JANUARY 13TH, at the Convention Center downtown is the MLS SuperDraft.  It starts around noon I believe.  I think it’s open to the public, if I’m not mistaken.  I will be there.  Akron won the College Cup this year (NCAA D1 soccer championship (beating schools like Cal, Michigan, and Louisville) and 7 of the Zips are expected to be drafted, many in the first round, if not top 10.  I’ll maybe do an entry on that after the draft, but who knows.  If you’re curious about college soccer or the Zips, I’d be glad to chat.  Their star midfielder’s name is Anthony Ampaipitakwong. Darlington Nagbe, another midfielder/attacker, won college soccer’s MVP award (Hermann Award).  That’s all you need to know.

-Oriole Park.  Gate times.  BP times.  Talking with people, it’s obvious that ballhawks and other fans would love to get into Oriole Park earlier to see more of the O’s hit, especially more than the usually depressing 4th group hit, unless it randomly contains Adam Jones (which it did on many occasions last year).  Well, there is news to come on that.  Things may change a bit, and I will let you know as soon as I do.  Had started a petition about it, but may not be using it anymore if the O’s will be helpful on their own (which may be happening).  Stay tuned.

Expect more soon.  I have different updates of all sorts to put out there, so will be on that.

Oh yeah, and Ronnie Deck is returning as Orioles bullpen catcher. That’s why you should support the 2011 Orioles.


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  1. zackhample

    Whoa! Awesome. Thanks for all the news. I’m particularly interested in the new seating configuration and the BP/gate-opening times. Keep me posted.

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