Gonna Stay Quiet… for now at least

Tons of rumors going around about today’s game.  No, not about if the Orioles could pull off a miracle win against CC in New York, but about the manager position.  People saying today could be Trembley’s last game.

I have made it clear that I support him, but with the few issues this season, it may just be worth it to change the spot up for the sake of shutting fan’s up about it since he is obviously not the future here.  The O’s play at 1 today, then make the trip home for the Red Sox tomorrow night at Camden Yards.  Today being an afternoon game would give a new manager time to meet the team (if needed), or if it is someone like Datz or Samuel, get to talk with the guys and establish things like plans and all.

Not gonna say much now.  Will update after the game.  Will still be writing about Wigginton and all that I said I would in the past entry.

Update: I purchased the website 2131andbeyond.com, and am working with Jordan of oriolesprospects.com to make it happen.


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