Emotions Flying High in The Bronx





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Today has been an emotional day.  Didn’t sleep much after working on my website
a lot last night.  Today, came home from
working to watch the 1 o clock O’s game, only to find out a bunch of things.  The umps are being paid off, every single Yankee
hitter takes steroids, and word is th
at (reported/speculated by The Sun and Brittany Ghiroli of Orioles.com) Trembley managed his last game today most likely.


The recurring happening of today was
home plate umpire Mike DiMuro giving the Orioles the worst calls in the world
while expanding CC Sabathia’s strike zone to be almost as wide as the Yankee ace


Bottom of the 1st,
Millwood issued a walk right away to Jeter. 
Swisher followed that up with a single. 
Jeter proceeded to steal 3rd, realizing that Millwood was not
consistently checking back to 2nd to see him there.  Tatum made the throw to 3rd to try
and pick off Jeter, but with the perfectly located throw for the tag, Tejada
overran the bag after catching the ball running in to get it and just kept
going.  Stellar defense, right?  Then, the first obvious bad call on the day came
when Millwood went into his windup to throw and his spike got stuck in the
dirt, so he proceeded to stumble forward, still releasing the ball towards home
plate.  2nd base umpire Jim Reynolds
came in a bit delayed with a balk call. 
C’mon man.  The inning ended after
Teixeira struck out, A-roids hit a fly ball (advancing Swisher to 3rd),
Cano hit a double over Jones head is left center, and Posada finally struck out
to end the inning


The top of the 2nd really
started the frustrations with DiMuro. 
While Millwood usually gets high in the zone fastball strikes, but wasn’t
getting anything today, Sabathia came out throwing pitches even more out of the
zone and being called for strikes.  With a
full count, a pitch low and inside (almost hit the dirt) passed Ty
Wigginton.  He tossed his bat back and started
jogging to 1st before hearing the strikeout call, and walked even farther,
being outright about his opinion of the strike being called on a pitch almost
in the dirt by his feet.


Bottom of the 2nd came,
where Cervelli drew a 4-pitch walk off of Millwood.  2 of the 4 pitches would be strikes to most
umps.  Millwood, knowing how to deal with
this in a better way than just argue, started using lots of offspeed stuff against
the next guys, getting a strikeout against Gardner and eventually out of the
inning with no earned runs.


The last note I have on the day is
that Jones hit a homerun to left field on a Sabathia pitch low and in.


After that, the same crap
continued with the umps.  Today was the
first day I was actually P.O. with an Orioles game.  Been put down before, but not like this.  Took my attention away even more when news
broke about Trembley losing his job soon, so note taking was becoming a lost cause.


With a 6-1 deficit, Wigginton got
only the 2nd hit off of Sabathia on the day in the 7th besides Jones’
HR earlier, followed up by a Luke Scott bomb to the upper deck in right field.


Markakis lost his “hitting streak”
(wasn’t even 10 games so I don’t know if I consider it to be a streak).  Not one Oriole struck out more than
once.  Instead, 7 individuals struck out
once each.  At least we didn’t have a
horrendous day with RISP since we didn’t have men on 2nd and 3rd
to even get the chance to blow chances.


Millwood had a bad day for him,
not just because he didn’t get a win. 
Moving to 0-6 on the year, he only got through 5.2 innings on 115
pitches (only 67 for strikes).  He gave
up 6 runs on 10 hits (including 2 HRs) with a 5:4 K:BB ratio.  Berken came in to finish the 6th and
went through the 7th, only allowing a hit and recording a strikeout.  Ohman barely got through the 8th, allowing
a hit and walk, but went back to his old ways of allowing no runs.  For the 6th game in a row, we didn’t
need to pitch in the bottom of the 9th.


This all compared to Sabathia, who
finished with 7 IP.  He let up only 3
hits, but with 2 of them being home runs, allowed 3 runs on the day with a 7:1
K:BB ratio (Atkins drew that walk!).  Joba
threw a perfect 8th, and Mariano finished it with an adventurous 9th.  Jones, of course, being so clutch once again;
struck out with men on 2nd and 3rd.


I had a lot of this written up by
the middle of the 8th, and by the middle of the 9th, had
finished most of it.  When we got two men
on, I was getting really excited about the chance to rewrite it all.  I should know better than to always get my
hopes up to just let myself down every damn time.


Game over.  3-6 loss. 
8 game losing streak coming into a 9 game homestand against the Red Sox,
Yankees, and Mets, and minus Trembley most likely.  You know there
are issues when you get score 8 runs in a 6 game roadtrip, and also allow Brett Gardner to hit a home run.


Very down day.  Not too much to say.  Will be doing a post tomorrow definitely on
Millwood and Wigginton and some bits all about them.


Will post about Trembley either
tonight or tomorrow hopefully.  Website
is coming up soon, domain was purchased (2131andBeyond.com) and will be worked
on a lot now.  I will be at the first 2
Red Sox games, then a trip to college for a program there for a few days, the last
Yankee game at home, and the whole Mets series. 
Will try to post between it all, but will be difficult.  Be excited for the new site!  Will have tons of posts, new sections (like
High Socks Watch), and even contests for Orioles stuff and autographs once I
get enough followers.


Good day/night to all.


O yea, Tejada made a huge diving
grab in the bottom of the 8th that Teixeira hit down the line with
men on 1st and 2nd. 
He got the out at 2nd and saved a run or two from
scoring.  Whoopee.  So he kept the deficit at 3 so that Mariano could
get the save, I guess.


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