So I haven’t posted the last bunch of games.  Yea, I probably should if I want this site to work.  Well, here I am.

Gonna do a big post tomorrow on the end of the A’s series and then on the failing trip to Toronto.  Will include pictures from my times at OPACY too for the A’s games to bring something other than sadness to the posts.

There have been other highlights in baseball though!

Doc threw for perfection in Florida.  Morales miserably failed, but at least the Angels learned their lesson.  Scherzer owned.

Well, here are the few topics I want to go over now.  They are the few things I saw talked about on Twitter today, along with a few I need to throw in:

1) Trembley, MacPhail, and the rest of the gang
2) Tejada’s comments
3) Shortstop
4) Website

Trembley, besides his stupid decision to take Berken out against the A’s on Thursday (will discuss in tomorrow’s post), has been nothing but an ordinary manager.  Nothing like a Piniella or Guillen, but nothing bad.  He made no foolish decisions during the Toronto series that I saw, and I feel like his job is a lot less on the line than people seem to want or think.  The main issue comes down to what I think people have overlooked until now.  Andy MacPhail is giving Diamond Dave nothing to work with.  He brought in Atkins, not skipper.  He brought in Tejada and Patterson and Jones and every other guy having on-field issues right now.  People for weeks have been bashing Trembles, while I stepped back and looked at the organization in the bigger picture.  Let me tell you this, I got fed up with him Thursday, but that’s about it.  Andy, changes need to come, and with 3 straight 3 game stints against New York and Boston, it should come on the off day tomorrow.

By the way, who knows who Jack McKeon is?  That’s the name of the Marlins manager during their 2003 World Series win.  Just putting it out there, you don’t have to have the best name in sports to have a winning team.  Dave may not be the top manager, but the players need to improve on their own at times.

Other coaching comment.  I never understood why Terry Crowley is so loved by Baltimore and all when he has never produced a top hitting team (has been better than this year still) and was only a career .250 hitter himself.  How about a dude like this?  If you know the Rays situation in ’08 and the few years prior, he seems like a solid candidate to fill in the job.  At least even bring someone in to replace Jeff Datz.  I bring him up since I was watching MLB Network’s top plays of the week program (everyone should watch MLB Network, it’s awesome), and during one of the Mets’ walkoff plays, I saw the view of the dugout with Jauss jumping up.  Has anyone ever seen Datz say a word to a player?  He is useless it seems.

Tejada today impressed me with his comments.  He made it clear to MASN reporter Amber Theoharris that nobody should blame Trembley or ‘Andy’.  He made it known that players should be working harder and that it’s on them, since they are the ones out there playing ball.  Though, his outfit looked kind of odd in a ghostly empty locker room it seemed.

Twitterverse was talking a lot today about the shortstop position.  I’m mad now that I never published a post ever about this topic.  I have said all season and all this past offseason that the one thing the O’s overlooked again this year was that position, and how not only is Izzy aging, but his bat just hurts us day after day.  He is a great fielder, no doubt about it, but fluke plays like against the A’s in their comeback show his vulnerability, and that there is no reason we can’t propose a trade for a guy like Tulowitzki.  Will hopefully write about that soon.  Also will post sometime something about twitter and who to follow for O’s news and all.

Lastly, Jordan from is working with me in getting my own domain and website running.  Once running, I will be dedicated to posting daily and running all kinds of feeds.  Besides O’s news and recaps, will have other thought provoking columns, some contests for O’s stuff, and my fun upcoming project: High Sock Watch.  And more links in posts like I started to do in this one!


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