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I know this has been delayed, but I have my excuses.  I worked Saturday (still caught the game),
was at the game Sunday and got back late, then just yesterday was a complicated
day for this blog.  What happened?  I worked as usual in the morning from 7-noon,
then came home.  From that time until I
went to sleep, I did lots of things, including sitting down at the computer a
lot.  I opened Mozilla Firefox, and
multiple times refreshed my twitter,,, and many Orioles
blogs I have listed.  Saw no changes, and
that was not necessarily a bad thing.  I
also opened MLBlogs website 5 times yesterday. Five times.  Did not post an entry because of my
confusion, but am working on the whole thing now.


Why am I confused? 
Pre-season, MacPhail made it clear that this team would be judged on
wins and losses.  From past entries, you
can tell I am still a fan of Dave Trembley. 
Who am I becoming less of a fan of? 
MacPhail.  If the worst record in
all of baseball is satisfactory in his eyes, then get your butt out of the
warehouse and let a guy come in who wants to not be the laughing stock of
baseball.  There has always been talks
between tons of people saying that MacPhail should become the MLB commish soon.  That’s great. 
Make him commish, that only helps me. 
Give him a position where he can make decisions that make people just
happy, but don’t need to be competitive. 
I’m sick of Trembley taking the blame. 
Not saying another manager wouldn’t be better, but not saying they
wouldn’t be worse.  We wouldn’t
know.  There are still the big three in
my opinion: injuries, raw talent, and MacPhail. 
We won’t win until those three get fixed.  With an increased payroll, you can’t say we
aren’t spending, hence it not being on Angelos. 
I believe it comes to MacPhail, saying that he has been spending in all
the wrong ways.  You could technically
add Atkins to the list, but I really don’t see how at this point we can blame
all of this on him.  Yes, maybe we would
have one or two more wins if he was having a comeback season, but nothing
much.  It’s about the team, and Atkins is
looking like he only has raw talent at this point too.


Pitching issues have been ridiculous this season.  Injuries are becoming viral, and Koji Uehara
has never not been injured it seems. 
Now, Simon is injured with his hamstring issue, I hear Reimold is on the
short DL in Norfolk for “family issues” (I know that is not injury, but you
never know what that could be trying to cover up, I mean, he is hitting .088,
aka 3-34), Jones is always having his nagging hip strains, and we all wish
Garrett Atkins would break his leg or something running out a double play
ground ball he hits tonight.  Frank Mata
and Alberto Castillo are coming up today for Koji and Simon.  Yes! 
We get the 12+ ERA from the side-arm-ish Castillo and the new guy Mata
who just looks like a big dude who may just have an intimidating look to him
(then again, can’t judge quite yet). 
Koji may never pitch again some say, though I try to be positive and
think that he will come back.  Where I
can agree is that he will most likely be injured again then if he comes back,
because the heat and humidity only gets worse as the summer gets closer and the
temperatures go up.


Going from pitching to my last concern, I have the
transition of Cla Meredith.  Meredith
isn’t the Orioles closer, but he surely closed out the Nats series for us.  We lost Saturday night after a Jones inside
the parker, because Hendrickson let Dunn rip him late, and our pitching didn’t
hold up again.  Then, on Sunday, after a
spectacular 9th inning by a dead MLB offense, Simon got a hammy
strain running to cover first, and Meredith comes in.  On the 3rd pitch of Cla’s outing,
Josh Willingham slammed a solo shot to deep left for the walk off game and
series victory for the Nationals.  Now,
when Meredith came in, I turned to my friend Zevi and asked why he barely took
warm up pitches out there.  He is allowed
all the time he needs to warm up on the mound in an injury situation like
this.  Unlike the Red Sox bringing in
Delcarmen last week, there was no argument from Riggleman and company about the
injury and all.  So why Meredith only
took a low amount of warm-up pitches, I do not know.  I can give him credit for coming in when
needed on such short notice, but I see no excuse for the bad pitch.  He is given the option to warm up just as
much as he would in the bullpen, with the advantage of getting to warm up on
the game mound with the in game catcher, not on the fake bullpen stoop with
bullpen catcher Ronnie Deck.




We come in tonight to face Oakland for a 3 game series.  Some interesting storylines to follow:


Garrett Atkins will most likely start against
the two A’s lefties tonight and Thursday, and with him on the hot seat, he may
hear good-bye if he can’t bump up his .219-0-6 line over those two games

Dallas Braden steps on the mound tonight,
hopefully we can hit off of him in the 1st so we don’t have to worry
like the Rays did

New bullpen guy in Frank Mata, old guy in
Castillo but newly brought up

Sparkplug Patterson – can he keep it up?

Looking ahead – Who will be pitching Saturday
night?  Entry to come on that situation



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