O’s at Mariners Notes 4/19

The Orioles started off this game looking crappy at the plate as they have very often all season.  They actually were no-hit through 6 before Markakis got a single to center field.

I took notes on the game as usual, but after the 3rd, I just closed my laptop and stopped.

Here is the summary (from Yahoo!) of the Mariners 3rd inning up at bat:

Bot 3rd: Seattle
– F. Gutierrez singled to shallow left, J. Wilson scored, I. Suzuki to third, C. Figgins to second
– J. Lopez safe at first on third baseman T. Wigginton’s fielding error, I. Suzuki scored, C. Figgins to third, F. Gutierrez to second
– K. Griffey Jr. singled to shallow right, C. Figgins and F. Gutierrez scored, J. Lopez to second
– M. Bradley doubled to deep left, J. Lopez scored, K. Griffey Jr. to third, K. Griffey Jr. out at home

– C. Kotchman homered to deep right



So that all happened.  And DOUG FISTER no hit the O’s through 6.  I make that a key point because how do we expect to hit Lackey and C.C. if we can’t hit Doug Fister.  Who is he anyways?

Well Bergy has problems, that’s obvious.  More on that soon.

Wigginton had a homerun in the 9th, putting him at 5 HRs this season.  He is our offense basically.

It is pitiful to write about this 8-1 loss.  I have nothing much else to say.


Injuries: Expect Tejada back soon.  Could even pinch hit tonight.

Game ball to Jason Berken for coming in to close the 3rd with a K then going a total of 3.1 IP out of the ‘pen with 0 runs scored.


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