Tonight’s game

Notes I know so far:

-Two guys seen on Oriole Park field today, I can only assume it’s
Bergesen and Hernandez.  I guess they’re staying at team hotel so this
is their place to throw around?  Who knows.  Pic of guys

-Roch Kubato is taking over for Jim Palmer in terms of commentary
during the game.  Palmer, if people heard last night, has almost no
voice and a sore throat.  Post-game he could barely speak

-Julio Lugo is starting for Izturis at SS tonight

-Luke Scott is being given the chance to start in left field tonight
and Reimold will DH.  Pie will be available to do off the bench stuff
like he did last night.  Like the decision to sit Reimold from the
field after a more than dissappointing performance out there last night.

-Jim Johnson stretched and threw and is ready to go tonight.

Will post anymore pre-game notes here.


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